The Impact Team is a collective of young climate activists working together to get our respective networks connected to community solar projects and reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the counties and states with whom we work.

We are the youth outreach branch of Common Energy, a New York based start-up revolutionizing the energy sector.  Common Energy’s platform enables virtually anyone to connect their utility account to a new clean energy project, lower carbon emissions, and save money on their electricity.  There is no on-site installation and signing up only takes two minutes.  As such, we are a clean energy accelerator, and a key part of the solution to mitigate global climate change.

Common Energy’s board and advisors include executives from Facebook, Google and President Obama’s cabinet.  We are currently building robust networks of Community Energy Advocates to bring more clean energy to communities across New York, Maryland, Illinois, Maine, and Minnesota.

As a collective the Impact Team is grounded in the principles of youth empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. We offer an opportunity for young people to start a career in the sustainability field that enables them to have a tangible impact in mitigating climate change and help the development of their communities’ clean energy future.

We know that climate change is the most pressing issue of our time and we wholeheartedly believe that young people have the power to do something about it. Through grassroots organizing, creative thinking and hard work we are connecting our communities to solar projects displacing fossil fuels from the electrical grid.