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The benefits of participating in community solar

Save money each month on your energy costs
Reduce carbon emissions in your community
Nothing to install or maintain on-site
No change in how your electricity is received
No cost to enroll
Support new, local, clean energy projects

What is community solar?

Community solar is a new state program that enables non-profits, companies, and individuals to support local renewable energy projects and pay less for their electricity.

Here’s how it works: First a new community solar project is built in your community. Then, clean energy from the project flows to the electrical grid. Local organizations and households sign up to support the project by enrolling their electricity account, and receive a discount on their electricity for up to twenty years. There is nothing to install, and no change to how your property receives electricity.

Learn more about how you can participate and save by visiting the program website of your state:  CA, DE, IL, MA, ME, MD, MN, NJ, NM, NY, OR, RI, VA


How does it lower your energy costs?

If your state has a community solar program, that means the legislature has approved an incentive to encourage more renewable energy.

Through this program, you will receive an energy credit on your electricity bill each month, lowering your energy cost. Depending on your organization, you will save between 5% and 25% on your electricity, for up to 20 years.

How does it reduce carbon emissions?

Once a community solar project is built, clean electricity from the project flows to your utility’s electrical grid. This electricity replaces fossil fuels, making the entire electrical grid cleaner and lowering emissions for everyone.

By supporting a community solar project you are not only locking in years of savings, but you are also lowering pollution for everyone.


Enrolling your organization

Consultation call

With one short 15 minute call, Common Energy can provide you with an overview of the program and see if you qualify.

Free savings assessment

If you are eligible, we will analyze your past energy usage to calculate how much money you can save and your organization’s positive impact.

Enrolling in the program

After you enroll, Common Energy will assign your electricity meters to a community solar project and work with your utility to make sure credits flow to your account. There will be nothing to install and no change in how your properties receive or pay for electricity.

Generating savings and impact!

Once the community solar project goes live, you will receive credits on your utility bill, lowering the cost of your electricity by 5% - 25% and, of course, lowering carbon emissions in your community!

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