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What is Community Solar?

Instead of installing solar panels on your home’s roof, you can now benefit from clean energy by subscribing to a portion of nearby solar projects.

Use Clean Energy
Protect Your Community
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Savings on your energy costs


Reduction in electricity emissions


Upfront cost required

Common Energy Makes Community Solar Simple

Lower Your Energy Costs

By signing up to support clean energy, you receive a clean energy credit from your state. 90% of the credit goes to pay for the clean energy and the remaining 10% stays with you. This means you're always guaranteed to save 10% on what your energy costs would be without
the program.

Two Minute Sign-Up Process

Traditional rooftop solar can be a 6-month process. Common Energy lets you go solar in less than two minutes. All you need is your utility information and payment info.

Unified Monthly Bill

Don’t worry about two separate bills. Common Energy combines your solar credits and remaining utility bill into a single, streamlined statement.

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