Maya is a member of our Student Sustainability Council, and has been working to help us develop our Common Energy Advocates Position. She is a second year at Northeastern University pursuing a BS in Biology and Political Science.

While in Boston she has worked on the electoral team of Sunrise Boston helping with the endorsement process (and getting 7 candidates elected to city councils in the greater Boston area!!) Now she is working  on Capitol Hill for 6 months through her school’s co-op. Maya is working as a scheduling assistant in the House of Representatives. Maya’s interest in political organizing and activism began, like many other students, with the first March For Our Lives during her senior year of high school.

Maya believes that the climate crisis is the single biggest issue of our generation and is excited to be working with the team at Common Energy to provide people with a simple way to contribute to the fight against it.

Here’s a highlight from Maya’s life fighting for Climate Action:

“My favorite memory is the December 2019 Climate Strike – I had a final exam that morning (funnily enough it was American Government) and ran over to the MA State House as soon as it finished. There, my friends from Sunrise and hundreds of people from all over the state had just finished their rally and were heading into the State House to occupy the Speaker of the House’s office. Inside, I got to give a speech, participate in our movement’s songs and chants, and support my friends as they risked arrest, all to force our state government to take action on the climate crisis.”