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Community Solar: A Step Toward 100% Access for 100% Renewable Energy

Community Solar, also known as shared solar or solar gardens, is expanding access to renewable, clean energy to customers all over the country by overcoming the barriers to ownership present for private rooftop solar arrays.
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5 Reasons To Worry About Climate Change in 2019

The Earth’s climate is changing rapidly as a result of human activity, and if the last few years have been any indicator, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Here are five of the most urgent reasons to worry about climate change in 2019.
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NY State Awards Common Energy two "Solar For All" Awards

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has selected Common Energy to provide electricity from solar farms to assist low income households in the Albany region.
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Common Energy to Pay Government Worker Electricity Bills

Common Energy to help Federal Employees Affected by Government Shutdown
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Five New Years’ Resolutions that Combat Climate Change

Making a New Year’s Resolution that combats climate change isn’t as hard as it sounds. Here’s our list of the top five energy-conscious New Year’s Resolutions that you can get started on right away.
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"Going Green" For The Holidays | Three Tips For A Clean Energy Christmas

95% of the Arctic's oldest, thickest ice has disappeared completely. Santa might need to start looking for new real estate. Here are 3 ways to help.
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Video: How Common Energy Works

Learn how Common Energy works in 3 minutes...
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It's Easy To Reduce The Cost Of Your Electricity With A Solar Farm: No Roof Required

Instead of getting electricity from solar panels on your roof, you can get the benefit of solar from panels on a farm. It's probably easier than you think. If you've thought about reducing your cost of electricity and environmental impact with solar...