We might be headed for the naughty list, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Arctic Report Card.

The 2018 report cited that a “stunning” 95 percent of the Arctic region’s oldest, thickest ice has disappeared completely.

This means Santa might need to start looking for new real estate and it’s our fault.

If we are going to have any hope of reversing the rise of global temperatures, and keeping Santa in the North Pole, it is absolutely necessary to make clean energy a priority.

This giving season, you can get back on the nice list with these three tips for a Clean Energy Christmas:

christmas holidays renewable energy

Switch to LED Lights (Now!)

It is estimated that every year, American holiday lighting is responsible for approximately 6.63 billion kilowatt hours of energy. That’s more than some small countries go through in an entire year!

Fortunately, switching to LED sting lights can immediately reduce that. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED string lights use 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent lights and can last up to 25 times longer. This means they save you money in two ways.

Put Everything on a Timer

Timers are an easy way to ensure that your holiday decorations are only on when you need them to be. This means no more wasted power in the late night and early morning hours, or your own wasted energy spent going around the house before bedtime and unplugging everything.

Of course, some cold, winter weeks you might want your space heater blasting warmth 24/7. Connecting your home to a local clean energy project is a great way to offset winter electricity costs. With Common Energy, you can sign up for a solar or wind project in less than five minutes.

Offset Those New Appliances

Whether the holidays brought you a new convection oven or an HDTV, you will likely enter 2019 with greater energy demands. Considering that the typical American household already produces a staggering 12,000 to 15,000 pounds of CO2 per year, this is hardly good news for the planet.

But you don’t have to feel guilty about the way your new toys are consuming electricity. By connecting to Common Energy it is possible to not only reduce your emissions by 90 percent, but also secure locked-in, ongoing savings on your utility bill, leaving you with more stuffing in the stocking, so to speak.

Finish 2018 With A Positive Change

By paying attention to the way that our homes utilize energy during the holidays, you can reduce your personal contributions to climate change. And while energy efficiency improvements are an effective way to knock a few kilowatt hours off your carbon footprint, switching to clean energy is the best way to make a positive impact.

With Common Energy, you can save on your utility bill with electricity from a local wind or solar project. Saving money is one thing, but protecting your community and your planet? Now that’s something to make Santa put you on the nice list.