ALBANY, N.Y., June 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Common Energy today announced the launch of operations in New York’s Capital District. Common Energy’s platform enables virtually anyone to add clean energy to their existing electricity service and save on their energy in minutes.

"We are excited to help New Yorkers lower their carbon footprint and save money with clean energy," said Meredith Galante, Vice President of Outreach at Common Energy. "Through our website, homeowners and renters can add clean energy from a local project to their existing electricity service and lower their energy costs by simply providing their utility account number. There are approximately 500 openings for our first Capital District projects, and we invite interested parties to sign up at!”

Common Energy operates under New York State’s Community Solar program, which is part of Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). Through this state-supported program, homeowners and renters can connect their existing electric utility accounts to local clean energy projects. Thanks to financial support from New York State, clean energy from these projects now costs less than energy from traditional fossil fuels. Common Energy is pleased to offer this program with both NYSEG and National Grid.

Common Energy also partners with businesses and organizations to enable them to reach their sustainability goals. “The Capital District is vibrant with public, private, and non-profit organizations,” said Malcolm Bliss, Common Energy’s Vice President of Partnerships. “Common Energy welcomes the opportunity to help them realize their green goals by reducing carbon emissions and strengthening the local economy.”

Scott Lomando, Common Energy’s Director of Customer Service, added: "We are thankful to the energy teams at Governor Cuomo’s office, NYSERDA, NYSEG and National Grid for their support of community solar programs. These programs expand the reach of clean energy, create new jobs, and will enable millions of people to join the clean energy revolution.”

About Common Energy

Common Energy enables homeowners and renters to add clean energy to their existing electricity service, lowering their energy costs and their community’s carbon emissions. Common Energy’s platform enables virtually anyone to sign-up for clean energy in a few minutes. Common Energy also partners with solar developers to monetize their community solar projects, and businesses to meet their sustainability goals. Please visit for more details. Press inquiries: Partner inquiries: