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Andrew Barnett

Andrew Barnett: My Time at COP26

Impact Team member Andrew Barnett attended the 2021 COP26 Conference in Glasgow on behalf of Common Energy and has shared his experience and insights from his time there.
Impact Team

The Impact Team 1 Year Old

“The Impact Team was founded in a few zoom calls in mid-April 2020, the height of the pandemic in NYC and of youth unemployment.” Maya Whalen-Kipp, Director of the Impact Team
Nazeen Shah

Environmental Justice and Black History Month

As we embark on Black History Month, we do so in celebration, honor, and tribute to the work of Black organizers, educators, and climate activists who have fought for the liberation of the Black community.
Emma Wilson

Debating Climate Change is Delaying Action

For decades there has been debate about whether climate change is real, whether it is caused by humans, and what we should or shouldn’t do about it.
Emma Wilson

The CEA Experience

Common Energy’s Impact Team brings a diverse group of young people together to speak on behalf of the planet.
Emma Wilson

How Solar Farms Work

Solar power was responsible for over 2% of the world’s energy usage in 2018 and is the fastest-growing renewable energy source available today.
Andrew Barnett

The Meat We Eat and Deforestation in the Amazon

Individual decisions that we take matter. Whether it is divesting from fossil fuels or eating less meat, our individual choices become important drivers for mitigating climate change and pressuring governments to enact more climate-friendly policies.

One tree planted

In the development of our Youth Advocacy Program, Common Energy’s CEO Richard Kieser asked his Youth Council, “How can we give more?”