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Andrew Barnett

The Meat We Eat and Deforestation in the Amazon

Individual decisions that we take matter. Whether it is divesting from fossil fuels or eating less meat, our individual choices become important drivers for mitigating climate change and pressuring governments to enact more climate-friendly policies.

One tree planted

In the development of our Youth Advocacy Program, Common Energy’s CEO Richard Kieser asked his Youth Council, “How can we give more?”
Maya Mudgal

My Activist Story

Maya is a member of our Student Sustainability Council, and has been working to help us develop our Common Energy Advocates Position.
Maya Whalen-Kipp

We are the Impact Team.

The Impact Team is a collective of young climate activists working together to get our respective networks connected to community solar projects and reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the counties and states with whom we work.