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Solarize Albany recently chose Common Energy as its leading partner for community solar.

Solarize Albany is a group of community volunteers who educate the public about solar energy and ways people can save money using it. That could mean installing panels on your roof or yard, or the newest option in New York State, subscribing to electricity from a local Community Solar Farm.

Co-founder of Solarize Albany Bill Reinhardt wrote the following about the award and partnership in his newsletter:

“Solarize Albany is proud to announce we selected through a competitive process a partner for our 2018 Community Solar campaign. Due to their superior performance and value we selected Common Energy. They have solar farms in Fulton County that are constructed and producing electricity. Common Energy connects National Grid customers to solar farms to reduce their electric bills, protect the environment, and support the local economy.”

Common Energy has multiple projects in the Albany area that residents can sign up for today to start receiving their 10% discount.

It takes four to five minutes to sign up here with your National Grid account number and invoice details. Then, you’ll start receiving credits on your bill for community solar. Finally, Common Energy will send you a digital invoice for 90 percent of the credit’s value. You save 10% and get to go solar just by signing up online.

Common Energy’s Malcolm Bliss said, “Solarize Albany is one of the longest running solarize programs in the nation.  In the past, there have been obstacles that prevented the majority of Capital District households from accessing low-cost, clean solar energy. That is going to change -- working together we’ll overcome those obstacles, and Capital District will be a leader in solar adoption.”