Join the Deptford solar project and save with PSEG!

New Jersey's community solar program enables PSEG customers to support clean energy and save up to $25 each month.
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1,430 kW

About the solar project

Community solar was established by the New Jersey General Assembly in 2018. Through this program, New Jersey residents can sign up to support a new, local solar project. The energy from the Solar Project flows to the electric grid, replacing fossil fuels and directly lowering emissions. When you sign up to support this project, you will receive clean energy credits that lower your electric bill.

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676,533 pounds of CO2 prevented annually
Yearly equivalent to planting 8,118 trees
1,780,350 kWh
of est. annual clean energy generated
Energized in 2021

Joining a solar project:

01 - Check availability
Use your zip code and utility to see if we have a clean energy project in your area with open enrollment.
02 - Connect your utility
Using your utility account information, we will connect your existing account to a new clean energy project.
03 - Payment information
Your connection to the grid will remain the same, but you will receive clean energy credits and pay your utility through Common Energy at a lower cost.
04 - Savings & impact
Each month we will share with you a Statement of Savings. This statement will show your original bill, your electricity savings, and your positive environmental impact.

Over 15,000 customers are benefiting from their local community solar program

*Experience may differ per subscriber

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Take two minutes to sign up for Community Solar and save 5-15% on your monthly electric bill and help lower emissions in your community.