Employee impact made easy with clean energy

We work with companies of all sizes to implement community solar programs that lower emissions and save employees money.

Partnership benefits

Guaranteed Savings
Every participating employee saves money on their electricity.
Environmental Impact
Supporting new clean energy projects makes a real difference.
Free to Implement
There are no costs to you to implement this program for your employees.
Social Good
For each employee that signs up, we’ll make a charitable donation to a non-profit of your choosing.
Free reporting
Each quarter we share with you a personalized impact report that highlights your positive impression.
Easy as Pie
We do all the work and can have your companies program up and running in a day.

What is community solar?

Community solar is a new state program that enables homeowners and renters to support a local clean energy project and receive savings every month on their electricity bill.

How our program works

01 - Co-branded website

We will build a personalized website for your employees to learn about the program, get excited about their potential positive impact, and enable them to sign up.

02 - Program announcement

Together we will set joint program goals that will enable us to provide you with sample communication materials to announce the program to your employees and guide sign ups.

03 - Employee signup

Employees can sign up directly from your co-branded website in just 2-3 minutes. Upon sign up, they will gain access to their personal portal to manage their account and track their savings.

04 - Savings & impact!

Everyone who signs up enjoys guaranteed savings on their electricity and receives a monthly report of the positive impact the clean energy they enable has on the environment.

Enable your employees to have a positive impact on their carbon footprint

We have a great team ready to help you fully understand this program.

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