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We have partnered with United Way to bring you the chance to support local clean energy projects. Through this program you will save money on your electricity and help lower carbon emissions in your community, at no cost to you.
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This program runs through Common Energy’s platform which is based on (128 bit encryption) and AWS (256-bit encryption)

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About the program

What’s the environmental impact?

The clean energy produced with community solar helps reduce carbon emissions in our communities. A single solar farm can prevent 1-3 millions pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere each year!

How do you save money?

Due to state incentives, the process of generating clean energy is less expensive than that of fossil fuels, coal, or nuclear energy. This reduced cost is passed onto you, the customer, in the form of savings on your electricity cost each month. It’s a rare win, win, win.

You will help build and connect a new clean energy project when you sign up for community solar.
Thanks to forward thinkers like you, the positive environmental impact enabled by our community solar program increases every year. Check out the estimated impact our projects will have this year alone.
Each year, Common Energy’s solar program generates over 3.5 Million kWh of clean energy
That energy will prevent 133,888,735 pounds of CO2
Which is equivalent to planting 1,606,663 trees

Joining a solar project:

01 - Check availability
Use your zip code and utility to see if we have a clean energy project in your area with open enrollment.
02 - Connect your utility
Using your utility account information, we will connect your existing account to a new clean energy project.
03 - Payment information
Your connection to the grid will remain the same, but you will receive clean energy credits and pay your utility through Common Energy at a lower cost.
04 - Savings & impact
Each month we will share with you a Statement of Savings. This statement will show your original bill, your electricity savings, and your positive environmental impact.

Over 15,000 customers are benefiting from their local community solar program

*Experience may differ per subscriber

Over 15,000 customers are benefiting from their local community solar program

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