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Our Projects

Common Energy works with developers to build and connect new community solar projects. Our projects prevent millions of pounds of carbon emissions every year. We have over 40 projects across the country. See if we have one in your area!


Serving: Greater Boston (Eversource East)

Location: Carver, MA

Current Members: 356

Annual Clean Energy: 3.9 million kWh

Annual CO2 Prevented: 1.4 million lbs

Equivalent Trees Planted: 17.738


Serving: Western Maryland (Potomac Edison)

Location: Hancock, MD

Current Members: 284

Annual Clean Energy: 4.1 million kWh

Annual CO2 Prevented: 1.6 million lbs

Equivalent Trees Planted: 18.811

Queen Anne Bridge

Serving: Greater Baltimore (BG&E)

Location: Bowie, MD

Current Members: 355

Annual Clean Energy: 4 million kWh

Annual CO2 Prevented: 1.5 million lbs

Equivalent Trees Planted: 18.292

East Fishkill

Serving: NY Hudson Valley (CHGE)

Location: Hopewell Junction, NY

Current Members: 299

Annual Clean Energy: 3.7 million kWh

Annual CO2 Prevented: 1.4 million lbs

Equivalent Trees Planted: 17.062


Serving: Greater New York (NYSEG)

Location: Mecklenburg, NY

Current Members: 398

Annual Clean Energy: 3 million kWh

Annual CO2 Prevented: 1.2 million lbs

Equivalent Trees Planted: 13.785

Sugar Hill

Serving: Greater New York (National Grid)

Location: Rexford, NY

Current Members: 518

Annual Clean Energy: 8.6 million kWh

Annual CO2 Prevented: 3.3 million lbs

Equivalent Trees Planted: 39.336

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Every Subscriber Drives Positive Change

By joining Common Energy you are helping to connect more clean energy to the electrical grid and lower pollution for everyone

"I really believe in decreasing our carbon footprint and this is the easiest way to sign up for solar energy. You literally sign-up and all of a sudden you are getting your energy from local solar farms and you are saving money."
Ken Young
Owner Emack & Bolio’s
"Signing up for Common Energy is a great way to help the environment and save money. Who can argue with it? I’d love it if more and more people signed up for Common Energy."
Louise Bliss
"I feel it is important to get involved with Common Energy because we’re not just saving money, we’re saving energy."
Joe Keneally
Owner, Clay Ponds Farm

In The Press

"We are pleased to be part of this important project that brings real economic and environmental benefits to the entire community,” Richard Keiser, CEO of Common Energy

Solarbuilder, clifton Park, NY

"The [Rockdale, MD solar] project is offering a 10 percent discount to residential electric rates as one-year subscriptions with the option to renew annually or cancel without cost."

Frederick news post, frederick, MD

"Through the partnership, New York State residents can sign up for a 10% discount on their electricity rate for up to 20 years at no cost."

WJEN, horseheads, ny

"I think one of the most important things that we want to do is partner with organizations like Common Energy to try to get the benefits of this to the community, so that residents can save money."

the leader, corning, Ny

"Through [the] NY Community Solar Partnership with Common Energy, Capital Region homeowners and renters can add solar energy to their existing National Grid account, save 10 percent on electricity and lower emissions in their community."

Greentech media, capital region, NY

"Community solar farms allow utility customers to dedicate a portion of their bill to getting power from the projects, saving the average customer about 10 percent on their monthly bill."

times union, albany, NY

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