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The Impact Team at Common Energy is a collective of young people working together to promote clean energy and connect households to local community solar projects across the United States

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Benefits of Joining Common Energy's Impact Team

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What is Community Solar?

Community solar is a new state program passed in several states that enables virtually anyone to support clean energy for free, and receive guaranteed savings on their electricity each month.

Instead of installing solar panels on your home, you can now sign up to support a new, local solar project through your existing utility account. Energy from the solar project has first priority to the grid, lower emissions in your community. In addition, everyone who signs up receives savings each month. It’s a triple win: for you, the community and the environment.

Common Energy have signed up over 5,000 households across the country and we need your help to reach more!


Energy from the sun is converted into clean electricity by the community solar farm.


This clean electricity is connected to the utility, replacing fossil fuels.


Electricity flows as normal from your utility through the broader electrical grid to your home.


Anyone who signs up supports new clean energy and receives savings every month on their electricity bill!

How it works

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You Apply & Interview

You apply online and then will be interviewed to become a Community Energy Advocate.

We Train And Coach You

You complete our online training program and receive regular coaching that makes you an expert in community solar, the fastest growing segment of the US energy sector!
connect clean energy
savings with clean energy

You Get The Word Out

You sign up your family, friends and neighbors in Common Energy’s guaranteed savings program through a personalized website we provide you.

Enjoy The Impact & Earnings!

Everyone you sign up saves on their electricity bill and lowers emissions in their community.
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Community Energy Advocates Drive Positive Change

"Common Energy has enabled me to connect with so many people from my past and take a concrete action to help the environment!"
Andrew B.
University of Edinburgh, 2021
"Education is so important when it comes to this work, and that’s what we’re doing here at common energy. Showing people the beauty of this Earth while showing them the beauty in themselves they have to help protect it.”
Kira L.
Loyola University 2022
“I am very grateful to have the chance to educate people about community solar and the carbon emissions they can prevent with Common Energy!”
Bethany C.
Union College 2022
“I hope to use my education and experience to work towards environmental and climate justice efforts in the future. I am excited to work with Common Energy as it is an opportunity to create tangible change and bring good to communities.”
Jaanvi S.
Colgate University 2021
“I really appreciate work that is community focused and engaging, and I have to admit cutting carbon emissions is quite the bonus! I feel really lucky to be a part of the Common Energy team and look forward to the impact we are going to make.”
Karianne C.
Bard College 2021
"I believe that climate change is the defining challenge of the 21st century, and I am excited to help people live more sustainably."
Natalie L.
Loyola University of Maryland 2020
"I believe that the climate crisis is the single biggest issue of our generation and I am excited to be working with the team at Common Energy to provide people with a simple way to contribute to the fight against it."
Maya M.
Northeastern University, 2022


What is Common Energy?

We are a Community Solar subscription management organization. We connect regular people’s electricity accounts to clean energy, supporting the addition of NEW solar farms on the electrical grid. Our work displaces fossil fuel use and is an essential part of the national transition to a clean energy economy!

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How am I really enabling my community to lower emissions?

When your friends, family, and neighbors sign up for Community Solar, they will stop using fossil fuels to power their homes. By connecting people to clean energy, you can prevent millions of pounds of carbon emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuel electricity.

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Why do Common Energy subscribers save money on their monthly electricity bill?

Common Energy helps people access Clean Energy Credits, the state incentive that comes with signing up for Community Solar. When an individual signs up for Community Solar, these credits will appear on their bill every month to indicate how much clean energy they are receiving and the accompanied savings.

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What is a day in the life of a Clean Energy Advocate?

A Clean Energy Advocate (CEA) will have a very flexible schedule. Your time will be spent reaching out to your friends and family to schedule appointments, teaching people about Community Solar over video calls, and helping people sign up. CEAs also engage in weekly team meetings and participate in group projects with other members of the team.

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How is community solar different than rooftop solar?

Common Energy helps enable the creation of solar farms that connect directly to the local utility allowing anyone who joins our program to gain access to the clean energy and its benefits without any type of installation on their home. Therefore, community solar is a much more equitable clean energy solution as renters, apartment dwellers and even mobile homes can join!

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What is the time commitment expected of a CEA?

Our program was designed for and by students, so the Clean Energy Advocacy work is fully remote, mostly self-driven and CEAs are able to make their own schedule

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What do I need to do to get started?

All you need is a passion to fight climate change and a network of people that you can teach about Community Solar.

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Are there other Perks of being a CEA?

Yes! one- lots of friends, two-- Scholarship's for Advocates who sign up 25 or more households to community solar.

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How much will I be paid?

Clean Energy Advocates are paid a base rate of $15/hour for every time they educate the public about Community Solar. However, we are not just here to educate the public, we are here to inspire action! So, you will receive an additional $35 every time someone new signs up to Common Energy through your personal website. We go over all of this during the CEA Training program. This is a 1099 role.

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More questions?

Email us at and check us out on social media @CE_ImpactTeam

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Make a positive impact in your community and earn with Common Energy

We are currently hiring in New York (Buffalo, Syracuse, Capital Region and Hudson Valley), Massachusetts (Boston, the greater Boston region, and Cambridge), Illinois (Chicago and the greater Chicago region), Maryland, Minnesota and Maine.
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