Our passion is to promote local clean energy and help organizations save on energy costs while reducing carbon emissions.

Are you a business, community, or organization that manages the energy bills for multiple properties in one or more US states? If so, we make it easy to save money each month and have a positive environmental impact with your state’s community solar program.
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Who is eligible?
Senior and assisted living facilities
IDD community living providers
Student housing associations
Large and small businesses

The benefits of participating in community solar

Save money each month on your energy costs
Reduce carbon emissions in your community
There is no equipment to install or maintain
No change in how electricity is received
No upfront capital needed to enroll or participate
Support new clean energy projects

Community solar at a glance

What is community solar?

Select states across the nation have passed legislation that incentivizes citizens and businesses to support the transition to clean energy. This allows renewable energy developers to construct solar projects in communities where the clean energy generated by these projects gets fed into the local electrical grid. Businesses and organizations in those communities are given the option to subscribe to a portion of that new clean energy and the benefits it provides.

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Visit participating state’s program websites: CA, DE, IL, MA, ME, MD, MN, NJ, NM, NY, OR, RI, VA


How does it lower your energy costs?

Clean energy costs less to produce and the savings are passed on to the customer. When your organization enrolls, we assign your properties to community solar projects in the area. Each property subscribes to a portion of the clean energy their project generates. Because community solar projects can offer energy at a lower cost than traditional utility rates, a percentage of that savings is passed onto you, the customer. Your existing electricity bills will reflect that savings as clean energy credits that reduce their final cost. Each property can receive anywhere from a 5% to 10% savings (dependent on multiple factors) that can add up to significant savings annually.

How does it reduce carbon emissions?

The more clean energy we produce, the less carbon emitting fossil fuels we need to burn. When a community solar project harnesses the energy from the sun to produce renewable solar energy, there are zero carbon emissions generated. The clean energy is fed into the local electrical grid and into the homes and business of that community. As a result, the nearest carbon emitting fossil fuel power plant has less demand and reduces its output. And just like that, solar project subscribers have directly reduced the carbon emissions in their community. The more properties your organization subscribes, the larger your impact.


How does Common Energy fit in?

We are the crucial connection between the project developer, the utility, and you. Common Energy is made up of passionate individuals who are helping move the nation to a clean energy future, and as a bonus, saving people and businesses money on their electricity. Our role starts with the relationships we’ve built with solar project developers who share our commitment to the country’s transition to clean energy. They rely on us to find forward thinking organizations, like yours, to signup and support their projects. We are neither an energy supplier or broker, but rather a manager of a growing community solar network that is made possible through the work we do.

Enrolling your organization

Quick consultation call

One of our consultants would take just 15 minutes of your time to provide an overview of the program, answer any questions you may have, and further determine if you qualify to enroll.

Free assessment

If we find that you are eligible, we will use your past energy usage to calculate how much money you can expect to save and the positive environmental impact you can have. As well as addresses any followup questions.

Getting you enrolled

If (more like when) you choose to subscribe, we will work with your existing utility to assign your properties to local clean energy projects. There will be nothing to install and no change in how electricity is received.

Power up your savings!

Once subscribed, you’ll begin to receive clean energy credits on your utility bill, lowering the cost of your electricity by 5%-25%. AND, a reduction of carbon emissions in your community!

Hear how other organizations are enjoying the benefits of community solar

Imagine the good you could do with extra savings every month

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